Welcome to Linda's Fine Arts Studio

"I was once asked to make a list of my values, the big concepts I live by, the ones I must honor in my day-to-day life so as to feel a sense of well-being. Right at the top were Order and Beauty. When I look at my paintings of lotus blossoms, Pacific waves cresting and crashing, or the light falling on a rain-wet road in the French countryside, I see that in each one, I've tried to convey a sense of the beauty, harmony, and balance I witnessed, the sense of 'all is as it should be.'"

Linda Howe

Inspired by the beauty of the physical world & working in a wide variety of media, Linda's paintings capture what she saw at a certain place, in a specific moment in time.  Whether atop a Gothic cathedral, alongside the shore, or in a garden, Linda finds that the balance, harmony, & order she observes create a visual metaphor for a meaningful life.  Be sure to visit Linda's blog for helpful drawing & painting tips.

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Here is a slideshow showing the creation of Linda's colored pencil painting called Single Peony. Be sure your speaker is on. Enjoy!

And this is a 1-minute video that shows the evolution of a painting called Timber Cove.