Copyright Information

The images appearing in the drawings & paintings on this website are the property of Linda Howe dba Linda's Fine Arts Studio. Linda's paintings, drawings, greeting cards, & giclées are protected by United States copyright law with all rights reserved & they may never be downloaded or reproduced - in whole or in part - in any form, without her express written permission. Even if you purchase a painting, giclée, or greeting card, Linda Howe & Linda's Fine Arts Studio still retain the copyright to that image, so that you may not reproduce it in any form without her consent.

Please note that it is also a violation of copyright law to utilize one of Linda's images as the basis for your own artwork, even if you change part of it or use a different medium than she did. (The oft-repeated "10% rule" is indeed a myth!)

Feel free to contact Linda if you have any questions about any of this.