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What is a Giclée?

A giclée is a reproduction of an original painting or drawing. It is made by capturing a digital image of the original artwork, then printing that image on paper or canvas using an inkjet printer. The use of high-resolution images, large-format inkjet printers, pigmented inks, & archival paper means that a giclée can be very faithful to the original artwork, durable to the passage of time, & a beautiful piece of art in itself.

Why do artists offer giclée editions to their clients? Reproducing artwork means the artist can sell that particular image over & over again while retaining the actual painting or drawing. But giclées, in particular, are – or should be – high-quality, very accurate reproductions, thereby giving the artist the added satisfaction of knowing that each one is faithful to the original. Also, since each giclée is printed separately, the artist can order any number of prints from the printmaker, even just one. This gives the artist the flexibility of a “just-in-time” business approach. Finally, because the necessary technology & equipment are accessible to anyone so inclined, an artist could actually chose to make her own giclées.

Why purchase a giclée? Giclées are less expensive than the original paintings & drawings they represent, yet when properly framed & displayed, they can bring much of the same enjoyment to the owner.

Viewing Art on Your Computer

As you are no doubt aware, not all computer monitors are the same. The color, contrast, and detail can vary greatly from monitor to monitor, and this will have an impact on what you see when you view artwork on your computer.

The digital images used on this website have been captured by a professional photographer who has many years of experience working with fine art. The goal is always to capture as accurate an image as possible. However, nothing takes the place of viewing original art “in person.” So if you like an image on this website, chances are you will love it when it’s on your wall!


Original Paintings

Some of Linda’s paintings are offered framed & some are offered unframed.  When framing her artwork, Linda prefers the clean lines & contemporary look of simple metal frames combined with triple mats in off-white or very subtle colors.  Upon request, a photo of a framed painting will be emailed to you.

Mini Originals

Mini paintings are mounted to a single, off-white mat whose outside measurements fit a standard-size frame. Upon request, a photo of the painting in its mat will be emailed to you.


Giclées are offered without mats or frame.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are offered without mats or frame.

Shipping & Handling

Framed Artwork

When you purchase framed artwork, it is necessary to protect it during shipping.  Because Linda’s framed artwork includes glass, the best way to do this is with a packing system that suspends the painting between foam layers within a specially-constructed container.  Shipping & handling costs are included in the price of framed artwork.  We do request that the shipping container be returned.  Linda provides return postage & instructions on how to do this.

Unframed Original Artwork

Unframed original artwork is shipped in protective boxes that contain a special shield against punctures. The cost of this is $34, which includes shipping by UPS.

Mini Originals

Mini paintings are shipped in protective boxes for a cost of $22, which includes shipping by UPS.


Giclées are shipped flat – never rolled! – in protective boxes for a cost of $22, which includes shipping by UPS.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are mailed in bubblewrap-lined envelopes or small boxes, depending on the quantity purchased. The cost for shipping & handling is 45¢ per card.

Copyright Information

The images appearing in the drawings & paintings on this website are the property of Linda Howe dba Linda’s Fine Arts Studio. Linda’s paintings, drawings, greeting cards, & giclées are protected by United States copyright law with all rights reserved & they may never be downloaded or reproduced – in whole or in part – in any form, without her express written permission. Even if you purchase a painting, giclée, or greeting card, Linda Howe & Linda’s Fine Arts Studio still retain the copyright to that image, so that you may not reproduce it in any form without her consent.

Please note that it is also a violation of copyright law to utilize one of Linda’s images as the basis for your own artwork, even if you change part of it or use a different medium than she did. (The oft-repeated “10% rule” is indeed a myth!)

Feel free to contact Linda if you have any questions about any of this.