Original Paintings: Seascapes


Spanish Bay

Colored Pencil
$300 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
One of my favorite spots along Monterey Bay’s famous 17-Mile Drive
is this boardwalk at Spanish Bay.

Wavescape 2

Oil pastel
$400 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Windblown waves – curling & crashing – are a favorite subject for Linda.

Wavescape 3

Oil pastel
$350 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Drakes Beach, located in the magical Point Reyes National Seashore, was the site of this addition to my wavescape series.


Study of Waves – SOLD


By suggesting craggy land formations, this seascape provides a direct link between Linda’s wavescape & hillscape series. Read about this in her blog, On Hills, Mountains, & Ocean Waves.


Oil pastel
$400 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Be sure to click on “Blog” in the navigation bar & read “On Being Demanding” to learn about the context of this painting.

Stacked Stones

Colored pencil & water-soluble colored pencil
$225 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
The negative space between the stones is the real subject of this painting because it depicts the relationship between them.


Colored pencil & watercolor
$225 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
These colorful little beach dwellings on the coast of Monterey Bay make an irresistible subject for a painting.


Oil pastel
$515 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This painting is the first in a new series that Linda calls “wavescapes.” 

Monterey Bay

Oil pastel
$650 framed (includes shipping & handling)
After spending a day taking photos of the dramatic coastlines of Big Sur & the 17-Mile Drive, Linda & her husband Tom returned to Monterey for dinner & came upon this lovely, peaceful scene of boats moored at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Timber Cove – SOLD 

Oil pastel
Timber Cove is located near Jenner & Bodega Bay on California’s Sonoma Coast.  Linda’s goal here was to capture the movement of the water with no reference to either land or sky.

Laguna Cloudscape

Soft pastel
$490 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This sunset in Laguna Beach, California greeted Linda & her husband Tom from their hotel window one evening. The peach clouds hanging in front of the turquoise sky were just irresistible!

Laguna 1

$510 framed (includes shipping & handling)
A cloudy day at the beach: A perfect example of when color is not needed to “tell the story.” The center of interest is the wave action. The beach is empty, but the sand bears the marks of many feet & the wheels of the beach patrol jeep.

Laguna 2

$510 framed (includes shipping & handling)
With the very same vantage point as in Laguna 1, but on a different day, here the action is in the sky: The setting sun breaks through the clouds, sending out crepuscular rays & ricocheting off the water blindingly.


$815 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This scene is from Indian Shores in Florida, near Tampa. Linda was walking on the beach at sunset when she came upon these posts near the water’s edge. The verticality of the slightly mysterious posts contrasts nicely with the flatness of the horizon & water.

Bodega Bay

Water-soluble colored pencil, pen & ink, & gouache
$400.00 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Bodega Bay is where Alfred Hitchcock filmed The Birds. The cloudy sky & dark posts lend an eerie mood to this little painting.