New Artwork

“The most exciting part of finishing a painting or drawing is sharing it with others,” says Linda. Here are her most recent works. And for Linda’s deeply personal thoughts on the creative process, be sure to visit her blog.

Perry’s Triton 

Watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil
$125.00 unframed (plus shipping & handling)

It was the bold pattern on this seashell that called to Linda.

Swirling Wave

$150 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Silverpoint its especially rewarding when used to depict a detailed subject like this energetic wave.

Passion Fruit Salt Water Taffy

Brush pen with touches of white pencil
$60.00 unframed (plus shipping & handling)

The luscious, juicy colors of brush pens are perfect for capturing this subject!

Pacheco Pass – SOLD

Colored pencil & water-soluble colored pencil
Depicting the gorgeous route between California’s Central & Santa Clara Valleys, this painting is part of Linda’s Hillscapes series.

Wavescape 2

Oil pastel
$400 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Windblown waves – curling & crashing – are a favorite subject for Linda.

Translucent Wave


$70 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
This wave, transformed by the light passing through it, takes on an abstract, meditative quality.

Study of Waves – SOLD


By suggesting craggy land formations, this seascape provides a direct link between Linda’s wavescape & hillscape series. Read about this in her blog, On Hills, Mountains, & Ocean Waves.


Watercolor with touches of colored pencil
$95 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Linda discovered this charming, well-used chair at the Carmel Mission.

Perry’s Triton 2

Watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil
$125.00 unframed (plus shipping & handling)

The other side of the same seashell conveys a completely different mood.

Watermelon & Passion Fruit Salt Water Taffy

Colored pencil
$60.00 unframed (plus shipping & handling)

For a more controlled rendering of this subject, Linda likes to use colored pencil.

Pineapple Salt Water Taffy 

Brush pen
$60.00 unframed (plus shipping & handling)

Here Linda exploited the spontaneity of brush pen to capture a playful depiction of this candy.