Original Paintings: Still Life

18th C. Male Satyr Head

$250 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
This lead sculpture & fountain hangs in the English Walled Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden, a gift from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1991.

Heart-Shaped Candy – SOLD

Mixed water media with touches of white pencil
This delicious chocolate was as inspiring to depict as it was delicious to eat!

Single Poppy – SOLD

Colored pencil
Each May, these spectacular poppies make their appearance in our Illinois garden.

Alicia’s Chile Peppers – SOLD

Colored pencil & watercolor with touches of gouache
$135 unframed, matted to 11×14” (plus shipping & handling)
A handful of tiny chile peppers given to her by a friend inspired this painting.

Tulips 2 

Oil pastel
$195 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
This painting celebrates the newest variety of tulips to make their debut in Linda’s garden this spring.


6×5″ image
$305 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Linda couldn’t resist capturing the warm yellows of these tulips alongside the cool yellow of the vase.

Lotus 1

$1415 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Linda came upon this lotus plant at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. The platter-sized leaves, the symmetry of the petals, the delightful shape of the pods…all were incredibly rewarding to capture with her pencil.

Lotus 3

$1415 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This is the very same lotus blossom as in Lotus 1 but the challenge was completely different. This time it was essential for Linda to capture the three-dimensionality of the flower: The petals had to look like they were actually curling off the paper.

Lotus 4

$1415 framed (includes shipping & handling)
The raindrops from a brief summer shower added unexpected interest to this lotus blossom, which was in the aquatic garden at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.


$1215 framed (includes shipping & handling) 
Linda found these luscious Bartlett pears at the local supermarket & wanted to immortalize them just because they were so lovely. And, no, she didn’t eat them afterwards…

Peonies – SOLD

Oil pastel
$815 framed (includes shipping & handling) 
Linda arranged these peonies from her garden in one of her favorite vases.  Its globe shape is echoed in the plump blossoms.  

Peonies 2

Oil pastel
$1000 framed (includes shipping & handling) 
The shapes found within the peonies from Linda’s garden continue to fascinate her. Here she arranged them in a plaid-patterned pot whose chartreuse color is complementary to the pink blossoms. 

Autumn Bouquet – SOLD

Oil pastel
8.5 x 8.5″
$500 framed (includes shipping & handling) 
This is the first in a series of still life paintings of the very last blossoms from Linda’s garden at the end of the year. More information can be found in her blogs, On Bouquets & On Coming Full Circle.