Silverpoint Originals

Silverpoint, a commonly-used medium during the Renaissance, involves making marks with a pointed rod of silver on specially-treated paper or board. Rods of other types of metal – gold, copper, lead or platinum – will also make marks but silver, in particular, has traditionally been favored because as it tarnishes, the pale gray lines become darker & the entire drawing takes on a unique character. Linda sometimes supports her silverpoint drawings with other media, such as watercolor or touches of gouache.


18th C. Male Satyr Head

$250 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
This lead sculpture & fountain hangs in the English Walled Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden, a gift from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1991.

Swirling Wave

$150 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
Silverpoint is especially rewarding when used to depict a detailed subject like this energetic wave.

Single Mushroom 2

Silverpoint & mixed media
6×4″ image size
14×12″ framed size
$250 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Another addition to her mushroom series, Linda used a variety of media to support this silverpoint drawing, including colored pencil, watercolor & charcoal.

Single Mushroom

Silverpoint, watercolor & gouache
5×5.25″ image size
12×12″ framed size
$250 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This jaunty mushroom was found growing in Linda’s lawn one summer over the dead roots of an old silver maple. The shape & texture of the cap were irresistible!

Snowy Egret

Silverpoint, watercolor, gouache & black pencil
3.25×5.5″ images size
12×14″ framed size
$250 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Linda spied this entrancing little bird from her hotel balcony on Captiva Island one February dawn. Silverpoint was the perfect medium to handle the delicacy of both the bird & the beach scene.

Mushrooms – SOLD

Silverpoint, watercolor & gouache
4×6″ image size
12×14″ framed size
$250 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This group of mushrooms also grew over the roots of the long-departed silver maple. And once again, all the charm comes from the shape & texture of the little “hats.”