Original Paintings: Landscapes

Pacheco Pass – SOLD

Colored pencil & water-soluble colored pencil
Depicting the gorgeous route between California’s Central & Santa Clara Valleys, this painting is part of Linda’s Hillscapes series.


Oil pastel
$275 unframed (plus shipping & handling)
This painting is the first in a new series called Hillscapes, which will be companion pieces to Linda’s Wavescape series.

French Village – SOLD

Mixed media
$565 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This is just one of the many delightful villages Linda & her husband Tom discovered during their trip to the South of France.

Pére Lachaise

Mixed media
$465 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Linda & Tom spent a fascinating September afternoon visiting the graves of many notables in this famous cemetery located in Paris.

English Walled Garden 1

Water-soluble colored pencil, pen & ink, & gouache
$515 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Except for the aquatic gardens, the English garden at the Chicago Botanic Gardens is Linda’s favorite. And in July, it is at the height of its glory. All of its formal lines are slightly blurred & softened by the profusion of plants & flowers: Another example of Linda’s beloved Order & Beauty, side by side!

English Walled Garden 2

Water-soluble colored pencil, pen & ink, & gouache
$565 framed (includes shipping & handling)
A different vantage point from English Walled Garden 1, again we see the slight softening of the hard structural edges of the garden. Here the checkerboard pattern of dusty miller & clipped boxwood leads our eye to the bubbling fountain.


Colored pencil
$815 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Yes, this is the famous gargoyle decorating Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Linda & her husband Tom climbed the stairs & shot a photo of it, which then became the basis for this painting.

Les Jardins des Monet

Oil pastel
$1065 framed (includes shipping & handling)
When Tom & Linda visited Monet’s gardens in Givery, France in the month of October, they were amazed at the wealth of colorful flowers still available in the Clos Normand. And this painting in particular shows the layer upon layer of texture contained in this relatively small space as your eye moves back into the distance.

Mission Door – SOLD

$1815 framed (includes shipping & handling)
This is a much-beloved & -photographed door at the San Juan Capistrano Mission in Southern California. Its other claim to fame is its returning swallows.



Oil pastel
$815 framed (includes shipping & handling)
Hiking through the California redwoods, Linda was impressed by several things: the sheer immensity of the trees, the silence, & the late afternoon sunlight streaming down & collecting in golden pools.

Waterfall 2

Pen & ink
$415 framed (includes shipping & handling)
The action of the water tumbling over the rocks was the fascination here. Linda used .13mm & .18mm Rapidograph pens. These are delicate instruments & all of the stippling was hard on them. In fact, Linda went through at least 3 of the .13mm pens on this one drawing alone!

Giverny Village

Water-soluble colored pencil, pen & ink, & gouache
$400.00 framed (includes shipping & handling)
The wildly-popular gardens of Claude Monet are located in this picture-perfect Normandy  village.